I am happy to meet you

so let´s get in contact


How to contact me :

Phone :

+86 131 6632 9249

WeChat :

131 6632 9249

QQ :

239 814 4441

Email :


Since I normally have a busy day with  things to do, friends and family to meet, I may not be able to answer your phone call. But always feel welcome to leave an SMS, send me a WeChat or a mail and I will contact you as my first priority

My phone number for calls and SMS : +86 131 6632 9249

In China everybody is using WeChat, and it is also my favourite for keeping contact. Just add my WeChat ID : 131 6632 9249

and we are in instant contact for meeting.

If I am able to do so, I will reply to you instantly.

Some people still like to use QQ, which I also have.

Feel free to contact me on my QQ-number 239 814 4441 if QQ is your favourite

You  are of course also welcome to send me an email. I do my best to open my mailbox frequently and I will get back to you as soon as possible - normally same day.

My email is